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GPS Dairy Consulting consultants are busy planning for the 2019 Dairy Leaders Forum to be held at GPS Dairy Consulting 2017 Dairy Leaders Forum - Speakersthe Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel in Prior Lake, MN on November 12–14, 2019. Leading a dairy operation has never been more important or more challenging with the increased size, technology and labor involved. The key to success is learning and honing the leadership and technical skills needed to improve efficiency, manage risk, control costs and lead the people who make up the dairy’s team. GPS Dairy Consulting holding its 2017 Dairy Leaders ForumWith that in mind, the meeting will be an intensive, highly interactive meeting allowing dairy owners to network, collaborate and discuss with some of the industry’s most respected producers how to squeeze more profits from their dairy operations. Attendees will learn how to hone their leadership skills and think like a CEO, improve efficiency, manage risk and control costs in better ways.

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Leadership Investment: GPS Master Feeder Certification

Feed and how it is fed is arguably the most important part of any dairy—small or large. For this reason, understanding the basics of dairy GPS Master Feeder Certificationnutrition, feed mixing and on-time delivery are critical. As another aspect of their Leadership Investment for Tomorrow philosophy GPS Dairy Consulting has organized a series of feeder schools and a three-tier Master Feeder Certification program to teach dairy nutrition basics to front-line feed managers.GPS Master Feeder Certification The goal of the Master Feeder Certification program is to elevate the feeder position in the industry to better align with the fiscal impact the feeding management has on any dairy. The certification program is a three-tier process that allows feeders to learn, grow and advance in their responsibilities and performance.

  • Level 1 – Offered in 2016 and again in 2017 focuses on the essentials of feeding dairy cows, with topics including basics of rumen function, silage face management, managing dry matter, safety, feedbunk management, TMR audits and feed monitoring, the financial aspect of feeding management, measuring and controlling shrink, and the mechanics of a mixer. Communication, teamwork and the importance of the entire feed team’s consistency are key areas developed.
  • Level 2 – To be started in 2017 this second tier is for those who have completed Level 1. The curriculum will be more in-depth with a special emphasis on software, tracking ingredients, key performance indicators and monitoring metrics.
  • Master Feeder – Set for 2018, this is the culmination of the Master Feeder Certification program. The expectation is a “Master Feeder” will have the managerial and leadership skills to successfully lead and manage a feed center at the largest dairies.

GPS Master Feeder CertificationFor information on how to enroll your feeders in the GPS Master Feeder Certification program contact your GPS consultant.

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Experience Delivering Success®


Experience only brings value when it is shared. The nutritionists that make up GPS Dairy Consulting are proven leaders in their respective areas with vast experience and a solid reputation for delivering quality service and positive results to their clients. At GPS Dairy Consulting we share our experience with each other as colleagues; we share our experience as coaches and mentors for each other; and, we share our experience with our clients, their managers and their employees. Building upon the experiences of all of us we are able to bring the power of the entire GPS Dairy Consulting team to every dairy we work with.



In order to deliver anything you must first take personal ownership. GPS Dairy Consultants don't simply hand off the many challenges that come up on a dairy operation; we get involved. At GPS Dairy Consulting we take ownership and responsibility to deliver results to ourselves, our peers and especially to our customers.




Success must be sustained and built upon. We will not be satisfied by delivering a single success. At GPS Dairy Consulting our consultants create value by delivering results. We capture the momentum of those results to create success and we build upon each individual success to create sustained success.




Independent Dairy Consulting

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC is a professional team of dairy nutrition consultants servicing dairies throughout the midwest and beyond. We are leaders in the industry, working with some of the most influential dairy herds in the country. Although we are united under GPS Dairy Consulting,LLC we are each independent nutrition consultants working directly for our dairy producer clientele. Read more...


Featured GPS Consultants

Jordan Hunt

Jordan Hunt owns and operates Hunt Dairy Consulting, LLC providing dairy nutrition and management consulting to dairies primarily in the north eastern Iowa and south eastern Minnesota area as well as throughout the broader region.

Jordan resides with his wife Amanda and daughter Payton in the Delhi, Iowa area where he was raised on a dairy farm. He is a graduate of Iowa State University earning a double degree in Dairy Science and Agricultural Business.

Upon graduation, Jordan began his nutrition consulting career as a Dairy Specialist servicing dairy accounts on all facets of their operation from calves to milk cows.


Travis Vlietstra, DVM

Travis Vlietstra, DVM is owner of Heartland Dairy Health, LLC based in Northwest IA. He provides independent consulting services to dairies with a focus on nutrition, records analysis, reproduction, milk quality, protocol development, and employee training and education.

Dr. Vlietstra was born and raised on a farm in Northwest IA and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University in 2014. Prior to launching his independent consulting business, Travis practiced in Northwest IA and the Central Valley of California for 5 years, focusing on dairy cow health and management. Travis has provided service for dairies ranging in size from 500 to 10,000 cows. His diversified experiences in dairy veterinary practice have allowed him to develop and engage a broad network within the industry, gaining knowledge from a variety of skilled veterinarians, industry consultants, and educational opportunities.

Travis, his wife Colby, and 3 year old daughter Claire live in his hometown of Orange City, IA. He enjoys time with his family, visiting his parents on their farm, spending time volunteering at church and in the community, and fishing.


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