As the speed, uncertainty, and complexity of global markets intensify, leaders must learn to navigate this fast-moving landscape—by keeping their businesses on track amid adaptive change. Leaders must develop the agility to confront uncertain times by engaging the workforce through vision, understanding, and clarity. What will it take to achieve all of this? As part of our brand promise to Inspire Change and Grow Leaders GPS Dairy Consulting has included a leadership blog on our website. Our first year of weekly posts will focus on the basic leadership skills that coaches around the world have indicated to be the most important leadership skills. Each month one of these skills will be addressed by four professional leadership development coaches – one each week. Please visit the blog frequently. Feel free to include other leaders in your organization and tell your friends and colleagues. Grow your skills as a leader and inspire change in your organization.

The Right Social Media Platform for YouClick to open The Right Social Media Platform for You

Picking the best social media platform(s) for your business can be tricky. Lately, it seems like every month there is a new tool or app to use to tell your story. Whether you are wanting to reach new customers, promote your farm/business or just trying to share the #dairygood, there’s no better way to reach the public than using social media. Here’s a few tips to help you figure out which platforms to use to reach your own goals:

Innovation: Purchased and BuiltClick to open Innovation: Purchased and Built

In this vlog, Trent talks all about innovation and the competitive advantage of purchased and built innovative tools on the farm.

ReportsClick to open Reports

There are a variety of feeding software that are commonly used on dairy farms. While each program has its own unique set up and design, they all do an excellent job collecting a range of data related to feed ingredients and feeding. What good is all that data if it isn’t being looked at on the farm? How can the data be accessed and summarized to provide useful information to the user?

Axe Throwing, Alcohol and CowsClick to open Axe Throwing, Alcohol and Cows

It is a strange and disturbing combination that has spread across America. Axe throwing and alcohol are being combined as a form of entertainment. And how does this relate to cows? Read to find out…

The 2022 DebriefClick to open The 2022 Debrief

It’s time to begin your 2022 debrief! When the sight of winter begins to appear and fall harvest is in the rear-view mirror, it’s a great reminder that we need to pause and assess. How did you and your teams perform in 2022? Did we meet the goals established nearly a year ago? What might we have lost track of or hasn’t been a priority? Are we set up to close out the year where we want to be?