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A Coaching Mindset

The coaching mindset is a shift in how a consultant or manager approaches problems, individuals, and teams of people on the dairy. While every situation is specific, the coaching mindset creates a framework for developing collaboration and empowering members of the team or staff. Through empowering members of the team it encourages employees to contribute to developing solutions and action to any number of issues or challenges. For consultants and managers with a coaching mindset, issues become a true opportunity for individual and group development as well as a broader-base for solving issues. A coaching mindset isn't always the most appropriate means of leadership, but it does broaden the consultant's capacity and effectiveness.

At GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC we regard problems as opportunities to shift from always providing solutions to helping our clients develop their own solutions. Approaching challenges moves from a situation of "attempting to listen" to truly being attentive and engaging with other stakeholders and guiding the process. A coaching mindset seizes opportunities to invite collaboration to problem solving and drawing on fresh perspectives from those involved. Leading from behind, asking questions before creating solutions, and developing a sense of contribution from all key stakeholders is involved in coaching. Ultimately, the team owns the solutions, direction, and strategies to move forward which is a process led by the consultant.

We are dedicated to creating a mentoring culture in order to augment learning, maximize time and effort and better utilize resources. Through coaching and mentoring we'll help bring alignment, accountability for the goals, expectations and responsibilities of your operation and better communication with your team.

We are also committed to continuous learning. To keep our coaching skills sharp many members of the GPS Dairy Consulting team utilize professional performance coaches for their own personal development and gain. This Coaching Mindset method of dairy consulting utilized and leveraged by GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC sets our group of consultants apart from others in our ability and experience to deliver success.

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