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About GPS Dairy: Nutritional Services

Independent Services

All GPS Dairy Consultants own and operate their own businesses independent of any feed company or ingredient supplier - by doing so we can offer truly unbiased recommendations. Being independent allows our consultants to obtain bids and source feeds from multiple mills and suppliers ensuring you the advantage of the best cost, excellent service and predictable quality.

Customized Service Agreement

Our consultants operate off of a monthly consulting fee tailored to provide the services you want. GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC will provide you with a customized service agreement outlining what you can expect from us, when you can expect it, and how much it will cost.

Cow Essentials® and Heifer Essentials®

Cow Essentials® and Heifer Essentials® are registered and protected sources of highly bio-available vitamins and trace minerals formulated and used by GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC. Extensive background work and formulation experience have gone into the development and manufacturing of the vitamin and trace mineral Essentials family of products. The net result is a superior source of "essential" vitamins and trace minerals at a very competitive price.   Learn more

Professional Service

All GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC professionals will be on-time and dressed in clean and professional attire while visiting your dairy. Our commitment is to have prompt return of all phone calls, and prompt follow-up and delivery on all commitments. Proper biosecurity will be practiced. Additionally on-farm safety will always be practiced. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with our customers in growing the success and profitability of their businesses.


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