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At GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC we believe that it is the knowledge, talent and energy of our people that define GPS Dairy Consulting and we conduct our business with the highest level of integrity.

Milk SplashWe value relationships and believe in respect - for our colleagues, clients, partners and all those with whom we interact. We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and possess a strong determination to overcome challenges and succeed.


Knowledge for our clientsBeyond Nutrition…

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC is dedicated to providing professional, experienced and educated advice to our clients. The consultants within our organization are recognized as some of the best and most experienced nutrition consultants in the industry. GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC goes beyond nutrition by offering tools and resources, broad, multi-disciplined experience and an operating philosophy that will make your business more successful. See the pages within this section and throughout this website for more information on how GPS Dairy Consulting is professionalizing consulting.


Growth | Profit | Success


GPS Dairy Consulting will work to help your business grow. Whether your goals are to realize an increase in milk production, profitability or size we have the tools to make those goals a reality. Our consultants have been highly involved in dairy remodels, improvements and expansions as well as business planning and evaluation. In addition, we believe that dairies with the best chance to succeed and thrive in the future will be "learning" organizations where owners, managers and staff continually grow their capacity to create the results they truly desire. The coaching mindset we bring to our customers creates a framework for providing personal growth, development and collaboration to empower themselves and their team.


Profitability is the cornerstone to longevity of any business. This is especially challenging in the dairy industry. Nutritional costs can equate to nearly half of the business's operating expense, and therefore have a tremendous impact on profitability. We know what nutritional costs should be and have the network in place to improve purchasing power. Additionally, we have the ability to assist with the decision-making process in improving risk management for your business.


We believe in the power of setting goals and achieving them; both for our own business and the dairy producers for whom we work with. GPS Dairy Consulting is made up of driven, successful independent consultants who have proven their ability to achieve repeatable, successful results. Our consultants are recognized within the industry as individual leaders; now, working as team, GPS Dairy Consultants will help achieve greater success within your business!



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