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People & Farm Manager Development

Milker TrainingGPS Dairy Consultants have a true commitment to working with and helping to grow people on dairies. Our network of excellent dairy clients and industry experts allows us to connect you, your managers and people with other peers and leaders. This collaboration and sharing of Leadership Developmentideas and information through a “leader” network is a tremendous learning andgrowth opportunity for all. Learning groups and educational events organized and facilitated by GPS Dairy Consulting are done regularly for dairy owners, herd managers, feeders, and milkers. Cultivating the growth of the people,Milker Trainingmanagers and personnel and their relationships, while defining and measuring mutually agreed upon goals help our consultants deliver success to you dairy.

See these links for more detail on coaching Dimensions of Success Model, Systems & Results.


Leadership Investment for Tomorrow

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC in partnership with The Heartwood Group introduced our first LIFT series in 2015 with sessions in February, April, and July. The purpose of the series was to introduce leaders and managers of high-functioning dairies to a coaching mindset of leadership and ultimately begin the process of developing and growing as professional managers. Our goal was to increase theparticipant's capacity to:

  • Think strategically in their role as a manager.
  • Coach and manage for performance and objectives.
  • Be actively involved in the success of their dairies beyond the day to day activities.
  • Meet and exceed their most challenging goals.
  • Organize and plan work more effectively.

Session one was held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and included a tour and presentation at Diamond V Mills headquarters. Participants learned to focus internally, increasing their level of personal awareness while reflecting on leaders, teachers, and mentors who were influential in their lives. For the second session, the LIFTTM group met in LaCrosse, Wisconsin for two days to focus on action, conversation, and business culture. The final session was held in the Green Bay area and included valuable discussion on strategic planning, holding effective meetings, and building trust to create engagement in the leaders' vision.

To learn more about the program see the presentation below.

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