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Sand Freestalls, Heat AbatementSand Freestalls, Heat AbatementFacility Design & Management

Cow housing and facilities that support coveted cow behavior is a key part of successful dairy management. GPS Dairy Consulting has consultants with extensive experience in barn design, feed center design, forage storage systems, cow cooling, freestall design, and various bedding systems. We can help design, source, and set-up management practices around the facility that best meets your needs. Expansion planning and facility design are areas where our consultants can serve, and have the experience to deliver success.


Herd Management

Sand Freestall ManagementCow care and dairy herd management is a combination of proven science, sound protocols, and the art of cow husbandry. Herd health is the foundation in any herd upon which all high production and profitability is based. Having a solid knowledge base and understanding of each of these is key. Knowing this, GPS Dairy Consultants are leaders in bringing herd management recommendations that support sound herd health while optimizing the efficiency and through-put of your dairy. Our herd management focuses on transition cows, foot health, reproduction, and feed efficiency per unit of milk, which in turn supports higher milk production and profitability. Our experience and knowledge in feeding and herd management practices that support consistent rumen health serve as our foundation.


Bunker Management, Forage packing


Forage & Crop Management

Forages typically make up over 50% of the dry matter content of the milking cow's diet. In order to control diet cost and deliver performance, forage management becomes critical. GPS Dairy Consultants know the key steps that help deliver high quality forages through harvest, storage, and feeding. Implementing key steps along with good communication and training of key individuals helps deliver forage management success.

Planning feed requirements prior to planting is a critical step in crop management. Understanding feed inventory, forecasted needs, acres, agronomic practices, and genetic performances will help deliver quality feed. GPS Dairy Consultants can play an important role in this process.


Dairy Calf Management


Heifer Rearing Management

Heifer rearing expense is one of the largest costs a dairy operation encounters. Controlling these costs encompasses making the right decisions around many key factors such as housing, feeds, expenses, feed efficiency and reproduction. Let GPS Dairy Consultants help you manage these decisions.


Buying Network/Ingredient Knowledge

Feed Bunk ManagementOur consultants focus constantly on managing and reducing feed costs, while achieving high levels of production, knowing both areas are critical components to bottom-line profitability. The ability to operate as independent nutritionists is a key advantage GPS Dairy Consulting brings to your dairy. We have experience working with local blenders and multiple suppliers that provide excellent service and predictable quality.

The starting point to managing feed costs is a strong focus on forage quality management and building rations around existing feed inventories and crop management tailored for the land-base available. Then, sourcing opportunistic off-farm ingredients and commodities with a specific plan around procurement, storage, quality assurance, inventory management, feed shrink, and how ingredients will impact total ration and income over feed costs.

Forage QualitySometimes getting the best price on commodities is simply being prepared to buy when the market is low, with GPS Dairy Consultants being leaders assisting the dairy producer with purchasing decisions when the price is right. Many times, the best prices are available for a short time or for a limited number of loads, and being prepared is key! With the high number of cows impacted and the relationships GPS Dairy Consultants have established with brokers, we are among those at the top of the "call list". Commodity brokers know that we're prepared and capable to find financially solid buyers for their ingredient when it's priced to move …this puts GPS Dairy Consulting in a position of strength for buying opportunities.


Financial/Risk Management

Many decisions on a dairy have a cost associated with that decision. The largest expense for a dairy operation, for example, is feed costs and therefore they become highly important to control and predict. Understanding these costs and income help implement a sound risk management program. Our experienced consultants can bring valuable knowledge and tools to help dairymen make sound decisions while operating their business. Helping to weigh the costs and benefits is another way we can deliver success to you dairy.


GPS Midwest 
150823 Summary ReportSesame

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC utilizes Sesame to develop a timely, meaningful decision-making tool for ingredient purchasing. By thoroughly reviewing feed nutrient values and having extensive experience with a multitude of ingredients, Sesame can be used as a robust calculation of nutrients that drive ingredient value and buy-sell price points. Using this decision tool on a regular basis with our dairy clients allows solid buying-selling-use recommendations to be made. Reports are generated for specific geographical areas on a regular basis.


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