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Nutrition Management Modeling

Goals for GPS Dairy Clients include economical production of milk, reducing involuntary replacements, improving herd health and reducing the environmental impact of the ruminant industry. The Nutritional Dynamic System (NDS) Software that our consultants use is a computer platform designed to support field nutritionists, helping them with nutrition management and "on-site" decision making. The program is built around the latest version of the CNCPS 6.1 model, using licensed technology and in collaboration with Cornell University Department of Animal Science.

Complex biological models handled by sophisticated computer software aid us in knowing with accuracy the nutritional value of feeds and their actions at the digestive level. This makes it possible to optimize rumen fermentation and ensure the maximum microbial yield thereby avoiding feed waste that is detrimental to the profitability, animal health and the environment. In addition, the nonlinear optimizer is a goal oriented dynamic formulation system that allows our consultants to balance diets according to a set of multiple objectives. Primary financial objectives allow us to optimize diets for the reduction of feed costs or an increase in profitability. Secondary objectives are related to efficiency and productivity such as maximizing milk production or milk efficiency from the diets.

Having a direct relationship with the program developers gives us the opportunity to impact changes to the program and assures that we are always current with the latest updates and improvements.


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