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GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC is an integrated team of independent consultants who will work together to provide a broad offering of services, tools, and expertise to deliver success to your dairy and to help you achieve your most challenging goals.

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King Hickman, DVMKing Hickman, DVM is a founding partner of GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC (2009). He has been working in the Dairy industry since 1989 and became an owner and partner of Dairy Production Services, Inc. in 2006. Dr. Hickman provides extensive independent nutritional and management consulting including feeding and bunk management, planning and implementation of forage plans, procurement of bids, and sourcing and implementation of growing heifer programs. Other services include review and design of vaccination schedules, biosecurity and herd health protocols as well as review of and advice on cow comfort and facilities and overall monitoring of herd performance. more

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Jim Barmore, MSc, PASJim Barmore, MSc, PAS is a founding partner of GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC (2009) and has extensive national and international experience providing technical service and management expertise to dairies. In 2003, he started and was owner/operator of Five-Star Dairy Consulting, and later in 2009 a founding partner of GPS Dairy Consulting. Jim provides comprehensive independent nutrition and management consulting to larger dairies, focusing in the areas of forage management, feeding and bunk management, ingredient procurement and inventory management, herd performance monitoring and financial evaluation, cow comfort and facilities expertise, and heifer management. more

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Marty Faldet, PhD, PAS Marty Faldet, PhD, PAS is a founding partner of GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC (2009). Marty has been consulting with Dairy farms in the areas of nutrition and management since 1990. He became owner/operator of Faldet Dairy Consulting, Inc. in 2002. As an independent dairy consultant he provides extensive nutrition and management consultation to dairies, focusing in the areas of feeding and inventory management, feed procurement, record and herd performance analysis, cow comfort, heat abatement, facilities, forage and crop plans, and heifer management.

Dr. Faldet received his undergraduate degree from Iowa State University, his masters from Oklahoma State University and his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. more

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Robb Bender, PhD, PASRobb Bender, PhD, PAS is owner of Bender Dairy Innovations, LLC and is a consultant and partner in GPS Dairy Consulting LLC. Robb provides independent nutrition and whole-farm management consulting to dairies in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Dr. Bender received his Bachelor of Science in Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He also obtained his Master of Science in Dairy Science Reproductive Physiology in the laboratory of Dr. Milo Wiltbank. His Master’s work was focused on reproduction and nutrition interactions in dairy cattle, with an emphasis on applying varying reproductive protocols on commercial farms. Following his Master’s, Robb continued at Madison and obtained a PhD in Dairy Nutrition with Dr. David Combs, focusing on integration of nutritional data on dairy farms and... more

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Trent Dado, MScTrent Dado, MSc, is owner of Dado Dairy Consulting, LLC serving dairies as an independent dairy nutrition and management consultant in the southern and western Wisconsin regions. He has years of on-farm and feed industry experience which grant him the ability to provide a holistic approach to farm-specific goals.

Trent completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Animal Science and Ruminant Nutrition, respectively, at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. His research focused on rumen fermentation and how feed additives and corn by-products may impact cow health and production. He also was involved in beef cattle research which focused on manipulating the growth patterns of cattle to optimize feed efficiency and profitability. Upon graduating, Trent worked as a Technical Specialist providing... more

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Don Deetz, PhD, PASDon Deetz, PhD, PAS is owner of GW Dairy Consulting, LLC. A native of west central Wisconsin, Don offers greater than twenty years of experience in providing dairy nutrition and management counsel to dairy operators, primarily in the upper midwest and northeast regions of the United States. Don provides exclusive, independent counsel in the areas of nutrition and management programs, featuring evaluations of herd production, health and reproductive performance records; forage inventory evaluations; planning and implementation of forage plans; and implementation of programs for growing dairy heifers.

Early in his career, Don was engaged in Extension dairy and livestock education with the University of Wisconsin, an experience during which he began to gain proficiency in farmstead organization and long-term facility design. more

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Paul Dyk, MSc, PASPaul Dyk, MSc, PAS is owner of Forward Dairy Consulting, LLC. He provides independent nutrition and management consulting to his dairy clients with a focus on listening to and meeting his client’s goals.

Paul received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Dordt College (now Dordt University) with a double major in Animal Science and Biology. He obtained his Master of Science in Dairy Nutrition from Michigan State University with Dr. Mike VandeHaar. His Master’s work included a landmark field study looking at the relationship of precalving nutrition and management to metabolic health issues.

Paul has a diverse work background that has developed skills in dairy nutrition and management, teaching, and practical farm solutions... more

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Amber Hewett, MSc,Amber Hewett, MSc, grew up in Montana and has served in various management and financial roles over her 17+ years’ experience in the Wisconsin dairy industry.

After moving to Kewaunee, WI in 2001, Amber and her husband, Simon founded Lakeshore Dairy Services to provide reproductive management services to the dairies of Kewaunee County. As their children grew and started school, Amber became more involved in managing the financial affairs of the business and also provided independent consulting services on both Animal Welfare and Business Management practices.

In 2014, Amber took on a full-time position as the Financial Controller for a large progressive dairy business in Northeast Wisconsin. During her tenure, Amber performed a number of... more

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Jordan HuntJordan Huntis owner of Hunt Dairy Consulting, LLC. His full-service dairy nutrition consulting firm serves dairies in Iowa, southeast Minnesota and southwest Wisconsin.

Helping his clients achieve maximum production while managing input costs and promoting animal health and sustainability are the fundamentals that drive Jordan’s business. He specializes in feeding and inventory management; forage and commodity procurement; record and herd performance analysis; calf and heifer management; forage and crop plans; feed center layout and efficiency; and team building.

Jordan also has cultivated in-depth understanding of advanced dairy technologies... more

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Bob James, PhD, PASBob James, PhD, PAS is the owner of Down Home Heifer Solutions, Inc. Bob established his consulting business upon “retiring” from the Virginia Tech Dept. of Dairy Science where he had a productive career in extension, teaching and research. The majority of his research over the last 10 years of his career was conducted on dairies in the eastern and western US with a focus on improving feed management on whole farm nutrient balance and on calf facilities and management of on farm pasteurizers and automatic calf feeders. He taught applied dairy nutrition and dairy herd management courses and was the co-coach of Virginia Tech Dairy Challenge team.

Bob provides comprehensive management consulting directed towards development of programs... more

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Edwin J. Kreykes, DVMEdwin J. Kreykes, DVM, owner of Dairy Health Services, located in Sanborn, Iowa since 1990 has been a respected dairy consultant for over 30 years. Before starting his dairy production medicine practice Dr. Kreykes was in a general mixed practice in Hartley, Iowa. He currently provides quality independent nutrition, reproduction, record analysis, biosecurity programs, milk quality, and other production medicine services for dairy herds in western and central Iowa and South Dakota. Other areas of interest include general management consulting, protocol development, employee training, and continuous improvement within the whole dairy enterprise. Extensive use is made of dairy records software programs PCDART and Dairy Comp 305 for monitoring of herd performance. more

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Erin Mosley, PhDErin Mosley, PhD – As owner of Mosley Dairy Consulting, LLC, Dr. Mosley provides independent dairy nutrition consultation focusing on the utilization of currently available software and technology to aid in the evaluation of feed and cow health related data to help identify key areas of opportunity for production, health, and financial improvement. She got her start working as a nutrition manager for a large dairy operation in Idaho where her role focused on quality control for feed inventory, handling, and usage as well as data management, including preparation of routine financial feed related information, and monitoring cow health related data. Furthermore, she has worked with dairy personnel and industry professionals to monitor indicators of the ration’s effect on cow health and production. more

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Kristy PagelKristy Pagel, owner of Leading Edge Consulting, LLC works directly with dairies and agri-business delivering personal and professional development coaching through her expert knowledge, industry experience and relentless passion. With over 15 years of proven experience, she has gained the role as "trusted advisor" with many dairies throughout the industry. Kristy focuses on strategic evaluation of organizational structures, individual leadership coaching to build teams and a winning culture. She also provides professional meeting facilitation and trains on critical communication techniques.

In addition, she serves as the Director of Business Development and Strategic Leadership for GPS Dairy Consulting LLC, as leader of the education and people development platform offered to their clients. more

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Bonnie TappBonnie Tapp grew up on a small dairy farm in Northeast Iowa. As our Office Administrator Bonnie provides support in accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reports, payroll, invoicing, and assists with event coordination.

Bonnie brings GPS Dairy Consulting proficiency in all areas of office operations with more than 25 years experience. Early in her career she was co-owner of Ooodles Restaurant in Calmar IA and Elms Motel in West Union IA actively involved in every aspect of the business; also worked in banking for over five years. She was more recently employed as a bookkeeper and secretary for Mihm Transportation in Fort Atkinson IA; and office manager and financial secretary for two local parishes in Calmar IA and Postville IA.

Bonnie currently resides in Austin, MN with her husband Bryon.

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