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Erin Mosley, PhD

Erin Mosley, PhD – As owner of Mosley Dairy Consulting, LLC, Dr. Mosley provides independent dairy nutrition consultation focusing on the utilization of currently available software and technology to aid in the evaluation of feed and cow health related data to help identify key areas of opportunity for production, health, and financial improvement. She got her start working as a nutrition manager for a large dairy operation in Idaho where her role focused on quality control for feed inventory, handling, and usage as well as data management, including preparation of routine financial feed related information, and monitoring cow health related data. Furthermore, she has worked with dairy personnel and industry professionals to monitor indicators of the ration’s effect on cow health and production. Dr. Mosley is originally from Athens, Tennessee and received her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Animal Science/Science and Technology in 1999 from the University of Tennessee. She then attended Clemson University where she received her Master of Science degree in Nutrition specializing in dairy cattle. Erin earned her Doctorate of Philosophy degree in May 2006 at the University of Idaho, where her research focused on nutrition and lactation physiology. Dr. Mosley lives in Canal Winchester, OH with her husband and children.

Articles by Erin Mosley

Evaluating Feeder PerformanceClick to open Evaluating Feeder Performance

Feeders deliver feed every day: they handle the largest cost category of the daily production cost of the dairy. A feeder who is invested in the feeding process is invaluable! Your efforts to keep the feeder engaged in the process of feeding from start to finish will not only provide tools to improve feeder performance but may lead to increased employee satisfaction at the feeding center.

Inventory ManagementClick to open Inventory Management

On farm feeding software is an excellent resource to monitor a variety of data associated with feeding dairy cattle. While many platforms and versions are equipped to manage ingredient inventories, I rarely see that aspect of programs fully utilized. If your feeding program does allow for inventory tracking, where do you start?

Daily Data GoalsClick to open Daily Data Goals

You have a feeding program, now what data should you be looking at and how often? A few items like dry matter intake and weighbacks may immediately come to mind, but what else?

Feeding SoftwareClick to open Feeding Software

What is the largest cost category for producing milk? Well, it’s the feed of course! A simple web search will identify multiple sources that put feed cost at roughly 40-60% of total production. Feed is the largest single cost in milk production. We are all aware of that fact. So, what are we doing to manage that cost? How do we even try to keep track of it all?