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Embrace Your DissentersClick to open Embrace Your Dissenters

How many times as a dairy owner or manager have you had an employee of fellow manager show up and tell you all the things that might go wrong, or about why your recent initiative on the dairy won’t work? It is hard enough getting initiatives delivered without having to deal with these “dissenters” and, in the heat of the moment, your response may go something like this: “Bring me solutions not problems.” In my opinion, this could be a perilous mistake.

How To Decide Between Delegation and EmpowermentClick to open How To Decide Between Delegation and Empowerment

Delegation and Empowerment are both effective tools to get work done around a dairy and business – deciding which is most appropriate is a tough challenge that we face on a regular basis. It’s a decision that constantly changes as our business and dairies grow, and one that is exceedingly impactful for the long term people development plan on our farms.

Employee EngagementClick to open Employee Engagement

What exactly is employee engagement? Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put extra effort into their work – because they want to. Engagement isn’t just about doing my job; it’s about doing my job above and beyond. It’s not about making me successful; it’s about making me AND the company successful. It’s not a personal commitment; it’s a mutual commitment.

Gain Commitment, Gain EverythingClick to open Gain Commitment, Gain Everything

When providing leadership to a single person or a group of people, it is important to take the time to gain their commitment to the endeavor. You have to help them see the overwhelming vision that where you are leading them will ultimately be a better place. How? Here are a few of Hopkinson’s tips.