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Nathan Pokowski, PAS

Nathan Pokowski, PAS, is owner of KowFit Dairy Innovations, LLC serving dairies as an independent dairy nutrition and management consultant in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. He began his career on his grandfather’s farm where he spent most of his summers growing up working for a small beef operation. Outside of farming, Nathan was involved in sports and boy scouts and in 2006 he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He attended Michigan State University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management. After college, Nathan relocated to pursue a career as a dairy nutritionist in British Columbia, Canada. While in Canada, he helped producers manage quota and produce milk economically by focusing extensively on income over feed cost without sacrificing animal health. As his family grew, he decided to move back to Michigan where he continued his career as a dairy nutritionist for a regional feed company. In 2016, Nathan completed his ARPAS certification, and he currently serves an ARPAS board member. Over the past 4 years Nathan has worked in allied industry where he has helped manage and budget various commercial research projects that consist of ration analysis, dry cow management, feed and forage management, gut health, and immunity. He has served as account manager and leader for teams across North America. Nathan is passionate about helping producers maximize the potential of the rumen. He believes that high quality forages and dry/transition cow health are the backbones for sustainable production. He focuses extensively on helping producers harvest and store high quality forages to maximize the amount of forage in the diet. Nathan currently resides in Michigan with his wife Ashley and two boys, Landon and Easton.

Articles by Nathan Pokowski

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I find myself sometimes saying that when thinking about some of the wild ideas I have. However, that’s what it’s all about… DREAMING. At GPS, we often talk about dreaming big as we go along our journeys. How do we dream? How do dreams become big? A reality?

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As we think about innovation, technology often comes to mind. As an industry, we have a lot of great technologies that can help us improve anything from management, labor, feed, etc. It seems like every day there is something new that can be implemented on a dairy. It seems like there is always something that this new technology is going to fix.

Driving Innovation from WithinClick to open Driving Innovation from Within

Innovation is all about being creative and looking at things differently. To me, it is key to being progressive. My strategy is to first identify bottlenecks that are likely hidden and then think of creative ways to fix them. There will always be an easy way, but does that really solve the problem? Will that make your client different than his neighbor down the road? Is it the most cost effective? How will it change the work environment?