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Trent Dado, MSc

Trent Dado, MSc, is owner of Dado Dairy Consulting, LLC serving dairies as an independent dairy nutrition and management consultant in the southern and western Wisconsin regions. He has years of on-farm and feed industry experience which grant him the ability to provide a holistic approach to farm-specific goals. Trent completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Animal Science and Ruminant Nutrition, respectively, at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. His research focused on rumen fermentation and how feed additives and corn by-products may impact cow health and production. He also was involved in beef cattle research which focused on manipulating the growth patterns of cattle to optimize feed efficiency and profitability. Upon graduating, Trent worked as a Technical Specialist providing support to feed mills and nutritionists in the area of protein and amino acid balancing. Trent’s expertise in forage production, feed management, cow comfort, and facility design stem from his time as an assistant farm manager at his family’s farm in Amery, WI. Both Trent’s and his wife’s, Mickie, family still farm in northwest WI. They currently reside in Fitchburg, WI.

Articles by Trent Dado

The Thought Process of Implementing TechnologyClick to open The Thought Process of Implementing Technology

In this vlog, Trent talks data, innovation and how we use technology systems to enhance the capabilities of herdsmen to improve general herd health. The thought process for implementing new technology may be similar to master chess players in the fact that we shouldn’t get discouraged by the power of technology. Watch to learn more… 

It’s OK to Not Be FirstClick to open It’s OK to Not Be First

In this week’s blog, our consultant Trent Dado recorded the second GPS Vlog (video-blog)! In this vlog, Trent talks data, innovation and technology and why it’s OK not to be the first one to implement technology on your dairy.

Data Does Not Equal InnovationClick to open Data Does Not Equal Innovation

In this week’s blog, our consultant Trent Dado gets innovative and recorded our first ever GPS Vlog (video-blog)! In this vlog, Trent will have you thinking about what innovation is and that data does not equal innovation. Trent covers the “What If” thinking method to look forward and predict what is to come and how data may limit your creative thoughts.

Innovative Finance – Taking a Dairy PublicClick to open Innovative Finance – Taking a Dairy Public

A business pursues an initial public offering (IPO) as a way to generate capital for business growth. Businesses do this by working with an investment bank to sell shares (ownership of the company) to investors and to list their stock to trade on an exchange. Why would a dairy farm ever do this? For the same reason any other business would: to generate capital.