Right Person + Right Seat = Win:Win

When we have the right person in the right seat within our organization, it is a win:win; for both, the employer and the employee! It sounds so simple, yet often businesses struggle to achieve this. What would it look and feel like within your business if your team achieved this?

Creating a Culture of Effectiveness

Is your culture effective — or not so much? My working definition of a company (or team) culture is deceptively simple. So much so that I get a few blank stares when I share it with clients. From my perspective, culture is simply how the work gets done. Analyzing culture is not a complex process. You just need to pay attention to how the work gets done.

Effective Teams

Effective teams are the foundation of every successful organization. What makes one team effective while others are not is a bit complex. Effective teams are doing several things “right” starting with staying grounded to the business’s core values, mission and vision. It is what holds them together, through thick and thin.


Too often we talk about teamwork, however, we recognize and reward personal achievement over teamwork. How consistent are you with aligning your reward and recognition system with the culture you want to nurture? Behavior usually aligns with how people are rewarded and recognized.


One of the things that gets mentioned a lot in leadership seminars and workshops is the importance of teams. Do you have a highly effective team? Do you do a good job of leading your team? Does your team achieve their goals? All good stuff. But what does any of that really mean? What does it really mean to have an effective team? How do we know when that’s happening? How do we make it happen?