Why Are My Feed Costs So High?

Simple question I hear from producers -not so simple answer. Let’s work through this question: How are you measuring feed costs? Did you contract feed last year? Are you consulting with risk management professionals? Are you maximizing government programs as well as market tools? Are you getting the most you can out of your forages?

Harvesting High Quality Alfalfa

It’s that time of year again when the alfalfa has awakened from its winter slumber and is quickly approaching 1st crop harvest. Are you and your harvest team ready?

Daily Data Goals

You have a feeding program, now what data should you be looking at and how often? A few items like dry matter intake and weighbacks may immediately come to mind, but what else?

Your Next World Class Feeder

Your lead feeder is leaving you with a two-week notice. You’ve done your best, but he is moving to a new and great opportunity; you are happy for him. Now what? Can anyone fill that role? Where do you start?

Strive for G.O.A.T Status

Did you know that Tom Brady, arguably the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) of football, after his 7th Super Bowl last February went back to practicing on his plant foot and elbow position just two months after that win? G.O.A.T.’s know that practicing the basics are the most important things to make them successful and perform at a high level. So, what does this have to do with feeding cows and making your dairy better? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is your dairy’s feeder…

Feeding Software

What is the largest cost category for producing milk? Well, it’s the feed of course! A simple web search will identify multiple sources that put feed cost at roughly 40-60% of total production. Feed is the largest single cost in milk production. We are all aware of that fact. So, what are we doing to manage that cost? How do we even try to keep track of it all?

FeedFIT – Trimming Feed Costs through Weighbacks

Is it weighbacks or refusals that you have left in the feedbunk? Do your feeders understand the difference? Refusals is feed that is left that is mostly inedible for high producing cows. It doesn’t look like the original high cow TMR. It might contain longer particles like straw, pieces of cob or it is heating. Weighbacks is feed that is left that is like the TMR from the day before. Cows are eating this like the original TMR. Maybe it’s not perfectly the same, but it is within 10% of the original ration specs. What do we do with weighbacks?