Innovation: Purchased and Built

In this vlog, Trent talks all about innovation and the competitive advantage of purchased and built innovative tools on the farm.

This is Absolutely Insane

I find myself sometimes saying that when thinking about some of the wild ideas I have. However, that’s what it’s all about… DREAMING. At GPS, we often talk about dreaming big as we go along our journeys. How do we dream? How do dreams become big? A reality?

Data Does Not Equal Innovation

In this week’s blog, our consultant Trent Dado gets innovative and recorded our first ever GPS Vlog (video-blog)! In this vlog, Trent will have you thinking about what innovation is and that data does not equal innovation. Trent covers the “What If” thinking method to look forward and predict what is to come and how data may limit your creative thoughts.

Driving Innovation from Within

Innovation is all about being creative and looking at things differently. To me, it is key to being progressive. My strategy is to first identify bottlenecks that are likely hidden and then think of creative ways to fix them. There will always be an easy way, but does that really solve the problem? Will that make your client different than his neighbor down the road? Is it the most cost effective? How will it change the work environment?