Looking at Carbon and Nitrogen in Action

The role of carbon and nitrogen is critical to providing soil microbes with the basic building blocks of life. Both carbon and nitrogen sources are endless. Access to these sources, however is not endless in most farm fields today.

Understanding The Components of a Healthy Soil From a Nutritionist’s Perspective

Let’s look at the very basic elements of dairy nutrition and compare those to the fundamental building blocks of soil. In a simplistic sense, cow performance is based on balancing the sources of protein and energy in the cow’s diet to support and feed the microbes in the rumen. Microbes produce the key ingredients for making milk, and meat. Soils are considered ‘healthy’ when they can grow, feed and protect crops, robust crops, with very little support, if any, from commercial fertilizers and crop protection chemicals. Carbon and nitrogen, the most basic elements in the soil, are required to feed and grow microbes in the soil.