June Dairy Month

If you didn’t know, June is “Dairy Month” and a time for producers and industry members to put extra emphasis on dairy and all the #dairygood it brings to the world! Whether you have a personal social media page or a business page, join in the celebration of dairy in some way. Here are a few ideas to get your gears going:

Right Person + Right Seat = Win:Win

When we have the right person in the right seat within our organization, it is a win:win; for both, the employer and the employee! It sounds so simple, yet often businesses struggle to achieve this. What would it look and feel like within your business if your team achieved this?

Social Media and You: Getting Started

We all know social media has been a growing asset for businesses for many years now. The ability to easily access people from around the world to share a story is the hot spot of digital marketing. And the coolest part is that it can do that from your fingertips to your audience’s fingertips in seconds.