Energy and Leadership

We all live in a realm of possibilities. How does this relate to energy? To go after these possibilities requires energy. Leaders depend upon their energy to effectively lead, drive meaningful change, and influence outcomes. Energetic leaders unchain the mind and human spirit of others to seek their greatest potential. For you to do that for others, you need to do it yourself — and do it repeatedly. It’s a big job and you need to be up to the task.

Managing Time

Managing time, what an oxymoron! We can’t manage time…. leader or not. As a leader we have many big responsibilities, and never enough time. So, what to do?

Busy or Valuable?

There is a large segment of the population, including a lot of leaders, who value “getting stuff done”. The more tasks we complete, the more valuable we are. If we can keep checking things off our to-do list, then we must be doing our job well. What if most of the things you’re checking off the list aren’t worth that much? What if the tasks you complete aren’t that valuable? What if you’re busy doing things that don’t matter?