Caleb Burch, Consultant

Caleb Burch Headshot

Caleb Burch, owner of Burch Dairy Consulting Inc., serves dairies as an independent dairy nutrition and management consultant in northwest WI. While not growing up on a dairy farm, Caleb has developed a deep passion for the industry and for nutrition.

With a business mindset and an analytical approach, Caleb completed his Bachelor of Business Administration/ Management at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.  After graduation, he worked in retail management for a short period, before he went on to receive a B.S. of Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, realizing his strong career interests were around the dairy industry. Caleb then joined his father (Scott) in the independent dairy nutrition field, which evolved into the formation of Burch Dairy Consulting and now serves progressive dairies throughout NW Wisconsin. Scott has been an independent nutritionist in Wisconsin for over 35 years and continues to work alongside Caleb today.

Caleb still uses his background in business management every day as he has a strong understanding that people, profitability, core values and sustainability are at the center of every good business. He believes collaboration is key to success and holds close working relationships with key industry professionals.

Caleb carries a passion for improving a dairy’s profitability through income over feed costs. He is skilled in feeding transition cows as he knows this is a large driver of success on a dairy farm. Caleb values long-term working relationships and works hard to not only meet, but exceed, the needs of his clients.

Caleb currently resides in Chippewa Falls, WI with his wife, Allie, and two boys, Carson and Clayton.