Bill Powel-Smith, GPS LandCares Consultant

Bill Powel-Smith Headshot

Bill Powel-Smith is owner of LandCares, an innovative soil health and dairy forage consulting business serving customers throughout the Midwest. Bill has extensive technical experience in soil and water management, tillage and compaction solutions, planter setup and growing highly digestible forages. He provides comprehensive, whole farm, multi-year guidance, training and support as dairies pivot land management away from intensive cultivation and row crop production to a low intensity, low input, highly profitable and sustainable forage plan.

LandCares provides innovative soil health practices that result in higher quality and higher yielding dairy forage at a fraction of the cost of todays’ labor and equipment intensive methods. Bill uses hands on training and side by side coaching to teach how to dairy successfully with lower cropping inputs, significantly less tillage and with much more timely and efficient plant uptake of dairy manure nutrients.

Bill grew up on the east coast, received his BS in animal science, economics and agronomy from Cornell University, and relocated to Wisconsin with his wife Linda after graduation. He started a nutrition and large herd management business in 1988 which had him consulting from coast to coast for the better part of 20 years.

He was sought after by farm owners going through expansion and left consulting to help manage several large dairies in Wisconsin over a 12 year period from 2002 through 2012. During this period, Bill became a master herd manager and was recognized as having some of the best cattle management and livestock welfare practices in the US.

In 2013, Bill joined Pioneer Seed to delve into the area of forage production and took on the personal challenge of understanding critical factors in improving corn and alfalfa digestibility. Within two years at Pioneer, he was awarded the coveted Leader of Distinction Award.

Ready to devote his full attention to soil health and farmland profitability, Bill left Pioneer and started his new business, LandCares. In 2021 he brought his LandCares business to the GPS team and broadened the scope and depth of the GPS offering to include cropping and soil management.

Bill and Linda live near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. They have three grown children and raise a plethora of farm animals.