Robb Bender, PhD, PAS, Managing Partner, Consultant

Robb Bender, PhD, PAS Headshot

Robb Bender, PhD, PAS is owner of Bender Dairy Innovations, LLC and is a consultant and partner in GPS Dairy Consulting LLC. Robb provides independent nutrition and whole-farm management consulting to dairies in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Dr. Bender received his Bachelor of Science in Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He also obtained his Master of Science in Dairy Science Reproductive Physiology in the laboratory of Dr. Milo Wiltbank. His Master’s work was focused on reproduction and nutrition interactions in dairy cattle, with an emphasis on applying varying reproductive protocols on commercial farms. Following his Master’s, Robb continued at Madison and obtained a PhD in Dairy Nutrition with Dr. David Combs, focusing on integration of nutritional data on dairy farms and methods to quantify and improve fiber digestibility in forages. Robb is a member of the American Dairy Science Association and American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, and was involved in the National Dairy Challenge as a student and coach throughout graduate school.

Robb and his wife, Christine, reside in Watertown, WI where they are partners in her family’s dairy farm.