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CEO Leadership Forum

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Presented in collaboration with The Heartwood Group and Compeer the CEO Leadership Forum is an educational opportunity for progressive dairy owner leaders. The program is designed to provide dairy owners the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the leadership and management skills necessary to lead a successful dairy in these volatile times forward. This learning opportunity provides a forum for producers to learn and interact with each other and the presenters during two sessions over a total of 6 days.

The program is designed to enhance understanding of the fast-changing dairy industry, and how to navigate the many changes in staffing, technology, growth & expansion, and generational succession. By coming to this program, you will hone a vision of the leadership needed to lead your dairy business and team into the future. As a leader in the dairy industry, you are part of an elite group that produces healthy food by some of the best standards in the world. Like other executives running a multi-million-dollar business you are faced with all the strategic and operational complexities of running a large growing business. This is compounded by the unpredictability of the weather and at times people. Just the challenge of operating a family-based business is large and complex. This Forum is an opportunity to come together with top-level peers that can relate and have stories and best practices to share, while looking for the dynamic learning that can occur with peers.

Topics covered include:
  • Building and keeping your team of winning people
  • Understanding key financial metrics
  • Strategic planning aligning with your business vision
  • Leveraging a financial team and the role of a CEO
  • Increasing the power of networking and communication
  • Building successful relationships with key advisors
  • Enhancing work-life balance
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GPS Leaders Forum

Each year, dairies from multiple states and regions gather with renewed excitement to network and connect with other innovative and successful dairy producers at the GPS Dairy Leaders Forum. Held in November each year, after a busy fall of harvest and field work, the GPS Dairy Leaders Forum brings together some of the best and brightest leaders in the dairy industry. Both long-term and new dairy clients come together for a dynamic learning experience, including world-class speakers, interactive break-out sessions, keynote speakers and the opportunity to network with both innovative producers and allied industry professionals. This key event and opportunity for our dairy clients and invited key managers promises to be an enjoyable experience, which delivers high level learning, and each year receives accolades on the ideas and success attendees have taken from the Leaders Forum.

Leading your dairy operation has never been more important, or more challenging, with the increased size, technology and labor involved. Your key to success is learning and honing the leadership and technical skills needed to improve efficiency, manage risk, control costs, and lead the people who make up the team at your dairy. The GPS Dairy Leaders Forum is not just another nutrition and management conference with lots of speakers. In fact, it’s intended to be a “Leaders Forum” that promotes and facilitates peer best practice sharing and balances the science and management of a dairy with a strong focus on people development and executive leadership which ultimately drives the success of virtually any business.

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