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Financials Money Icon

  • Feed Cost Benchmarking
  • KPI’s and Monitoring
  • IOFC and KPI Reporting
  • Feed Efficiency Tracking
  • Reporting to Stakeholders
  • Feed Center Costs
  • Cost/Batch of Feed
  • Accrual Budgeting

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  • Feeding KPIs
  • Software optimization and training
  • Mixer Audits
  • Feed Contracts
  • Lean Management
  • Forage Quality Metrics

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  • Truck Scale Management
  • Feed Software Inventories
  • Shrink
  • Forage Quality and Testing
  • Feed Center Design / Lean Management
  • Clean Feed and Biosecurity

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  • Feeder schools
  • System Implementation
  • TMR Audits
  • Coaching and Accountability
  • Contingency Plans
  • Vendor Integration
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A Unique Offering from GPS Dairy Consulting

Collaborative Consulting For Your Success

GPS Dairy Consulting is built on the foundations of growth and innovation. To inspire change and grow leaders we go beyond nutrition so our clients and the industry may discover greater success. Dairies have great tools, teammates, and advisors who help take the science of nutrition to the reality milk in the tank. FeedFIT® is a collaborative initiative which leverages the tools, teammates, and advisors of the dairy to increase the efficiency and management of the feed center.

FeedFIT® is a unique offer from GPS Dairy Consulting which provides the framework and resources to understand the financials, trace the inventories, and track the KPI’s of the feed center. FeedFIT® is module-based which allows customized self-assessments to guide discussions and understand the largest areas of opportunity and growth for the dairy’s feed center. By implementing the expertise of the GPS consultant, structure of science-based resources, and support of mutual industry allies, modules are strategically executed.

With the goal of continual improvement, FeedFIT® aims to develop the people vital to the success of the nutrition program. Together, the framework of FeedFIT® and coaching, consulting, and training of people will ensure the growth and positive change of the feed center.

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FeedFIT™ Self Assessment

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Understanding Capabilities & Growing Opportunities

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Strategic Blueprint Formation

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Implementation & Execution

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People Development through: Coaching Consulting Facilitating Training