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LIFT: Leadership Investment for Tomorrow

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC in partnership with The Heartwood Group initially launched LIFT (Leadership Investment For Tomorrow) in 2015. A three-session interactive educational series conducted over six months introduces leaders and managers of high-performing dairies to a coaching mindset of leadership and ultimately springboards their process of developing and growing as professional managers and leaders. LIFT is designed to increase the participant's capacity to:

  • Think strategically in their role as a manager.
  • Coach, manage and lead for performance and objectives.
  • Be actively involved in the success of their dairies beyond the day to day activities.
  • Meet and exceed their most challenging goals.
  • Organize and plan work more effectively.
Session 1

Participants learn to focus internally, increasing their level of personal awareness while reflecting on leaders, teachers, and mentors who were influential in their lives.

Session 2

Participants focus on action, constructive conversations, and building a winning business culture.

Session 3

Participants will engage in valuable discussion on strategic planning, holding effective meetings, and building trust to create engagement in the leaders' vision.


PDF IconTo learn more about the program download this presentation.