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Master Feeder Certification

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Feed being transported

Since 2016, the Master Feeder Certification program has impacted hundreds of feeders, feed managers and the bottom line of dairy operations. Feed and how it is fed is arguably the most important part of any dairy—small or large. For this reason, providing the training and understanding the basics of dairy nutrition, feed mixing and on-time delivery are critical. GPS Dairy Consulting has organized a series of feeder schools designed in three-tiers to teach dairy nutrition basics to front-line feed managers. The goal of the Master Feeder Certification program is to elevate the feeder position in the industry to better align with the fiscal impact the feeding management has on any dairy. The certification program allows feeders to learn, grow and advance in their responsibilities and performance.

Level 1

Focuses on the essentials of feeding dairy cows, with topics including basics of rumen function, silage face management, managing dry matter, safety, feedbunk management, TMR audits and feed monitoring, the financial aspect of feeding management, measuring and controlling shrink, and the mechanics of a mixer. Communication, teamwork and the importance of the entire feed team’s consistency are key areas developed.

Level 2

This second tier is for those who have completed Level 1. The curriculum builds upon the teachings of Level 1 providing more in-depth learnings with a special emphasis on feed software, tracking ingredients, key performance indicators and monitoring metrics.

Master Feeder

This advanced learning tier offered is the culmination of the Master Feeder Certification program. The expectation is a “Master Feeder” will have the managerial and leadership skills to successfully lead and manage a feed center at the largest dairies.


Starting in 2020, the GPS Master Feeder Certification program will also become one of multiple modules offered through the FeedFIT program. Learn more about FeedFIT.

For information on how to enroll your feeders / feed team in the GPS Master Feeder Certification program, contact your GPS consultant.