GPS Blog in 2022: What’s Next, What’s New

“Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.”

-Albert Einstein

2022 is here and that means the GPS Leadership Blog is beginning it’s second year of existence. As part of our brand promise to Inspire Change and Grow Leaders, GPS Dairy Consulting started a blog with our first year of weekly posts focused on basic skills that coaches around the world have indicated to be the most important leadership skills. For 2022, we are excited to pivot a bit and will be showcasing our own GPS Dairy consultants as they address trends and topics in the dairy industry as well as highlighting our own leadership, management and educational initiatives. It’s going to be an exciting year!

This year, we will be having 9 of our consultants focusing their posts on sharing knowledge within 5 different topics:

  • Team Building & Employee Management
  • Innovation, Technology and Data
  • LandCares
  • FeedFIT – Selected Feeding & Feed Management Topics and
  • Social Media Working for You

These topics will cycle through every few weeks, so there will be a lot of diversity of knowledge. Through this year’s posts, we will continue to provide tools and expertise to deliver success to your dairy and to help you achieve your most challenging goals. Each post will bring you information for growth, innovation, inspiration for continuous improvement in yourself, your people, your systems and your results.

I encourage you to visit the blog frequently. Feel free to include other leaders in your organization and tell your friends and colleagues. If an article speaks to you, share it on your LinkedIn, Facebook or via email. Grow your skills as a leader and inspire change in your organization.

Here’s to the second year of the GPS blog! We will see you every Monday for a new post.