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To fill someone with confidence and desire to act.


To make the form, nature, content, future course, etc. of something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone.

Inspire Change

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While change may seem uncertain and even daunting at times it is an important part of your dairy’s success. Change can help you realize your dairy’s growth potential. It can propel your team in discovery of new ideas and allow you to take advantage of new technologies. Change will present your team with new opportunities which could take the form of:

  • Personal growth through enhanced leadership skills
  • Changing protocols and procedures to boost performance and profitability
  • Big-picture changes in business model, physical buildings, or focus areas  at the dairy.

Inspiring change is one of the pillars of GPS Dairy Consulting’s promise to our clients. Our consultants will be a voice of inspiration and will be by your side to inspire change and help you achieve your most challenging goals.

Success, Collaborate, Grow Leaders, Inspire Change: Experience delivering success

Dimensions of Success Model

Through exclusive use of the GPS Dimensions of Success™ model our consultants will bring leadership, collaboration and broad experience directly to the dairy in order to:

  • Inspire and implement the right changes to achieve success on the dairy.
  • Grow leaders at all levels at the dairy.
  • Provide a collaborative consulting team.