Four Calves

“Invest: The cost to raise a preweaned heifer represents only 15% of the total cost or 10% of the growth cost of raising a replacement heifer. Even at $3.20 a day!”

Calf Consulting Services

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC in collaboration with Dr. Bob James and Down Home Heifer Consulting is proud to offer our Calf Consulting Services.

In the past 5 years, increased heifer raising costs, as well as implementation of management practices to control heifer inventory has led to dairies having smaller replacement herds. As a result, the renewed, focused goal of calf feeding programs is one which optimizes calf performance at a reasonable cost, while promising high future performance potential rather than low cost per day.

GPS Dairy Consulting’s independent calf consultants benefit your operation in several ways:

  • Reduction in Morbidity and Mortality is absolutely critical and can be managed through effective maternity and newborn care, colostrum management, preweaning nutrition, and successful weaning strategies.
  • A laser focus on Cost per Unit of Gain, rather than just cost control, optimizes calf performance and future potential. Achieving more "biological normal” rates of growth during the preweaning program reduces morbidity and mortality, and results in heifers achieving their genetic potential for high milk yield.
  • Improved Calf Welfare can be achieved by adopting innovative management strategies – ie: paired/group housing of young calves and designing effective ventilation and drainage systems for optimum performance.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are developed and utilized to objectively measure success of overall calf management and profitability – including areas slated to growth, health, and expense.
  • Improved Labor Efficiency and Retention is necessary to provide capable and effective calf care. Developing excellent working conditions and efficient systems helps retain quality labor resources.
  • Compliance with Current and Future Regulations helps maintain dairy reputation and allows the “social license” to farm. Regulatory topics like nitrogen and phosphorus effluent control, calf transportation restrictions, and other emerging topics are considered in management plans.
Calf and Cow immediately following birth
Calf and Cow with others
Holstein Calves