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“High quality forages are the foundation for a successful nutrition program.”

Nutrition & Management Consulting Services

As part of our collaborative consulting model, GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC is proud to offer our Nutrition & Management Consulting Services.

GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC is dedicated to providing professional, experienced, and proven nutrition and management advice to our clients. The independent consultants within GPS are recognized as some of the best and most experienced nutrition consultants in the industry. Our dedicated consultants collaborate as a team to provide a unique and broad offering of services, tools, and expertise. We keep our clients’ individualized goals at the forefront of our consulting and go beyond nutrition to inspire change and grow leaders, allowing your business to be more successful.

  • Income over feed costs are maximized when targeted rations optimize animal health and production. Feed costs are controlled by tracking feedstuff prices, using competitive bidding structures, and assisting in commodity purchasing.
  • Quality forages and feed center management are the foundation to a successful nutrition program. FeedFIT®, a unique offer from GPS Consulting, provides the framework and resources to understand the financials, inventories, and KPI’s of the feed center.
  • Building successful teams is achieved through inspired leadership and a shared vision. Educational programming, coaching, and mentoring build leadership skills, management techniques, and professional networks.
  • Innovating new ideas and integrating novel concepts create opportunities for dairies. By leveraging the expertise of our broader consulting team and key industry allies, dairies enhance the value they receive from products and services.
  • The frontier of the dairy industry is grounded in trusted data. Accurate and precise nutrition and management decisions utilize the full capabilities of on-farm software and technology.
  • We go beyond nutrition to meet your most challenging goals. Broad-based, systems-focused management consulting integrates nutrition with other critical areas including cow comfort, cost control, facility design, parlor performance, reproduction, calf and heifer rearing, agronomy, and more.
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