GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC is an integrated team of independent consultants who will work together to provide a broad offering of services, tools, and expertise to deliver success to your dairy and to help you achieve your most challenging goals.

Your GPS Dairy Consultants

Jim Barmore

MSc, PAS, Founding Partner

  • Keen focus on true drivers of dairy financials.
  • Strong teacher and coach.
  • Connects well with entire dairy team.
  • Extensive nutrition and management experience.
  • Excels at integration of cows, people, and systems.

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Marty Faldet

PhD, PAS, Founding Partner

  • Assesses challenges and creates solutions with resolve.
  • Skilled in “making the buy” – cost control starts there.
  • Collaborates to inspire change, achieve goals and create success.
  • Attention to detail brings consistency to systems and protocols.
  • Serves with honesty, integrity and transparency – all in for clients.

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King Hickman

DVM, Founding Partner

  • Professional, competent and independent nutritional advice.
  • Transparent and reliable customer focused service.
  • Diverse consulting experience across geography, herd size, breed and management styles.
  • Brings innovative ideas and solutions to process, protocols and systems.
  • Experienced facilitator and team builder.

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Robb Bender

PhD, PAS, Partner

  • An independent consultant with a dedication to achieving farm-specific goals.
  • Excellent communicator and team-player—key components to success on a dairy farm.
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of nutritional data, improving fiber digestibility and reproduction management protocols.
  • Vast network of university professionals and key industry allies to bring resources to a dairy.

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Trent Dado


  • Experienced and excited about using technology to add precision to our dairies.
  • Developed understanding of nutrition and management of large-scale robotic systems.
  • Focused on pulling data streams together to improve the decision-making process.
  • Passionate about the future of the industry and the people that will shape it.

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Don Deetz


  • High versatility index in delivering a diverse menu of services.
  • Keeps the long-term vision in view when defining and achieving goals.
  • Nutritional specialty is utilization and fermentation of forage fiber and other carbohydrates.
  • Applies unique tools and analyses to guide nutrition decisions.
  • Focus to fresh cow health and performance to improve herd milk flow; maintain the health, vigor and vitality of your herd.

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Paul Dyk


  • Uniquely skilled in dairy nutrition and feed systems.
  • Brings together people, data and performance to create success.
  • Specializes in maximizing transition cow performance.
  • Focuses on optimizing CFP and Profit.

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Jordan Hunt


  • Strong communicator embracing teamwork, inspiring change and growing leaders.
  • Technically advanced with diverse service offerings including robotics, multiple herd management programs and feed management systems.
  • Achieves success by uncovering and focusing on goals and by being agile to the dairy’s needs.
  • Always strives to maximize the client’s profitability.

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Bob James, Emeritus


  • Retired educator, researcher and consultant.
  • Devoted to the care and management of your pre-weaned dairy calves.
  • Created success by identifying and utilizing the farm’s resources to enable calves to be raised to become healthy and profitable cows.
  • Valued the opportunity to learn from clients, coworkers and industry partners.
  • Tomorrow’s successful dairy begins preparing for future challenges today.

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Helen Korzec

  • Focused on transition cow optimization and on farm protocols using a hands-on approach.
  • Unique approach on training in Spanish and English for dairy workers, managers, and feeders using a practical team building approach.
  • Diversified consulting services: nutrition, training, reproduction, milk quality/ mastitis, and cost-effective methods.
  • Brings extensive experience and devotion to the industry and knowledge of years of hands on work as a dairy farmer.

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Edwin J. Kreykes


  • Focuses on continuous improvement of process, protocols and systems.
  • Recognized industry leader in records and records management.
  • Diverse consulting offers include: Nutrition, Repro protocols and records, Milk Quality/Udder health, Parlor management/Milker training.
  • Extensive international consulting experience.

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Erin Mosley


  • Keen interest and expertise in on-farm feeding software utilization.
  • Offers skilled Feeder Performance Evaluations and Feeding System Reporting.
  • Utilizes feeding data management to drive positive changes in feeding systems and protocols.
  • Raises the bar on feed center performance, efficiency and profitability.

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Kristy Pagel

  • Expertise in communication techniques and facilitation.
  • Utilizes “Real Talk” Coaching.
  • Brings a practical perspective, strategic thinking, an empathic attitude and creates an encouraging atmosphere.
  • Inspires change and develops leaders to help teams pivot.

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Bonnie Tapp

  • Stays flexible, organized and focused on customer service.
  • Works quickly but accurately with intense attention to detail.
  • Eye for Efficiency.
  • Delivers Bookkeeping Excellence.

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