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POWERED by the knowledge, talents, and energy of our people; guided by integrity and respect; and defined by excellence we will be the preferred choice and recommendation for dairy consulting.


  • GROWTH for our colleagues, our clients, our families and ourselves.
  • RESPECT for all.
  • INTEGRITY in everything we do.
  • INNOVATION is what we inspire and bring.
  • TEAMWORK with our colleagues, our clients, our suppliers and our dairy industry network.


Create strength, synergy, and added-value in delivering services to our dairy clients in order to help them achieve their most challenging goals.

  • We will COLLABORATE with our clients to solve challenges and create successes while achieving sustainable and profitable results.
  • We will FOSTER personal growth and leadership development.
  • We will INSPIRE continuous improvement in people, systems and results.


To INSPIRE change and GROW leaders.

A brand promise is a value or experience a company's customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with that company.

The GPS Dairy Consulting brand promise is simple—it reinforces the essence of our mission. It influences every decision we make as a company and impacts our customer’s experience. It inspires us and provides direction for our consultants: Inspire change and Grow Leaders


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We believe that dairies with the best chance to succeed and thrive in the future will be "learning" organizations where owners, managers and staff continually grow their capacity to create the results they truly desire. Whether your goals are to grow your team of people, realize an increase in milk production, improve profitability, or grow your herd size, we have the on-farm experience and people skills to make that growth a reality.

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Profitability is the cornerstone to sustainability of any business. This is especially challenging in the dairy industry given the volatility of markets, weather, and at times even people. Our consultants bring to your dairy focus and expertise on people, financials, and total dairy management, in addition to performance driven nutrition to help your dairy be sustainable and profitable.

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Our success is measured by your success. We believe in the power of teamwork, innovation, building blueprints for success, setting goals and achieving them. With our proven ability to achieve repeatable successful results across dairies of all sizes and regions, our GPS Dairy Consultants will provide you with perspective and assist you in creating a process through which you will gain clarity, alignment and the confidence needed to achieve greater success within your business!